A Different Approach

The human body is a masterpiece. It is interwoven and connected, with all parts dependent on one another.

When one area of a person is unwell and not functioning properly, other areas are sure to be involved and affected. And the area that manifests physically in pain or dysfunction is not necessarily where the source of the problem is.

Dr. Burnley provides a unique approach to health care, looking at the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.

By identifying and removing interferences, such as misaligned bones, tight connective tissue, muscles not firing properly, nutritional deficiencies, environmental and food sensitivities, emotional wounds, spiritual oppression, and more, we get to the root of the issue and help our patients heal and excel the way that God created us to. Naturally!

What to Expect

Your first visit with Dr. Burnley will be an hour long and include a comprehensive evaluation of your structural and neurological function. Our goal is to obtain a complete picture of your health, determine the source of any problems, and evaluate and apply treatment specific to your needs.

Next Steps...

Dr. Colin Burnley, DC believes in an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to health care. Click here to meet him!